The Consortium for Universal Healthcare Credentialing (C4UHC) is:

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More than 30 leading healthcare industry members and supporters
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Members representing healthcare providers, suppliers and industry associations.
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An open invitation is extended to those interested in supporting our mission as a member.

How this benefits the healthcare industry

Suppliers who comply with the American National Standards are helping to ensure that their reps are appropriately screened and trained, and that they meet the highest level of standards. Providers who embrace standardized qualifications rather than more complex unique requirements help free the system from duplication of effort, redundancy of processes and excessive labor time.

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Together we can:

Protect data security and privacy for patients, providers and suppliers.

Reduce complexity and increase compliance to the laws, regulations and standards for all stakeholders.

Eliminate redundant and duplicative efforts that increase cost.

Ethical Standards

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C4UHC is committed to maintaining the highest level of ethical standards in strict compliance with antitrust laws. Nothing discussed at our meetings is intended to influence price, exclude suppliers from any market, or otherwise restrain competition. Members are instructed to avoid discussion of competitively sensitive subjects, including costs, prices, sales, product marketing, and other confidential information.

A full admonition statement is read at the beginning of each of our Board meetings, member meetings, committee meetings and other working sessions.


The mission of C4UHC is to promote the common business interests of organizations connected with the healthcare industry in order to create and advance American National Standard for Supplier Credentialing in Healthcare for a streamlined healthcare credentialing process, which will protect patient safety and confidentiality, eliminate duplicative efforts and costs, and meet the needs of both healthcare providers and suppliers.