C4UHC Mission to Standardize Healthcare Vendor Credentialing Recognized by NMS Health

Medical Professional holding a tablet computer

We’re proud to share that the Consortium for Universal Healthcare Credentialing (C4UHC)’s mission to establish the ANSI Standard for Supplier Credentialing in Healthcare is featured in the article “Vendor Credentialing: Best Practices and Guide” on NMS Health’s The Occupational Blog.

The story explains the importance of vendor credentialing in hospitals and healthcare facilities and how these care centers establish their own requirements for non-employees often differing from other providers. C4UHC is noted as an organization that has influenced vendor credentialing standards and requirements:

“C4UHC is working to establish a national standard. They have collaborated with various #healthcare industry leaders to create the American National Standard for Supplier Credentialing in Healthcare (ANSI). The hopes of creating such a standard are that if adopted, standardized requirements will be met while decreasing the amount of duplication and repetitive services.”

Other organizations mentioned include The Joint Commission, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the American College of Surgeons (ACS).  The story continues, sharing what drives C4UHC’s efforts:

“The mission of C4UHC is to promote the common business interests of organizations connected with the healthcare industry in order to create and advance American National Standards for a streamlined healthcare credentialing process, which will protect patient safety and confidentiality, eliminate duplicative efforts and costs, and meet the needs of both healthcare providers and suppliers.”

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