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How Can the Healthcare Industry Streamline Vendor Credentialing?

2022-09-01T14:46:37-04:0007/27/2022|Abiomed, American National Standards Institute (ANSI), ANSI Standards, C4UHC, C4UHC News, Comments OFF, Consortium for Universal Healthcare Credentialing Inc., HCIR Credentialing, Patient Care, Suppliers, Vendor Credentialing|

Vendor credentialing requirements at healthcare facilities shouldn’t be so difficult. That’s what Jim Ziegra, HCIR Credentialing Manager at Abiomed, wants healthcare facilities to know about the often cumbersome validation processes that take up valuable time for both hospital staff and medical supplier representatives.

COVID-19 Vaccines Create Need for New, Standardized Credentialing Model to Speed Distribution

2022-01-13T16:05:51-05:0001/13/2022|C4UHC, Carin Alliance, Cerner, Consortium for Universal Healthcare Credentialing Inc., COVID-19, Credentialing Standards, Epic Healthcare, Global Standards, Healthcare Efficiency, Healthcare IT News, Mayo Clinic, Microsoft, National Standards, Patient Care, Patients, Salesforce, Suppliers, Vaccine Credential Initiative|

Similar to the C4UHC's mission and approach, the Vaccine Credential Initiative aims to find a faster, more efficient approach to the coordination and record-keeping required by the national push for COVID vaccines.

Creating System-Wide Efficiencies Yields Better Healthcare

2022-01-06T10:00:43-05:0001/06/2022|C4UHC, C4UHC News, Consortium for Universal Healthcare Credentialing Inc., Credentialing Standards, Global Standards, Healthcare Efficiency, National Standards, Patient Care, Patients, Suppliers|

Inefficiencies in our medical facilities silently rob patients of quality care during “normal times.” According to Fortune, COVID reminded us all that patients and professionals, not numbers, should always be our top priorities.

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