CHR, now a WorkCare Company, NMS Health, and NoMoreForms Sign on as Sponsors of the C4UHC Symposium on June 4-7

Corporate Health Resources, NMS Health, and No More Forms logos

As the date of our C4UHC Symposium on June 4-7 quickly approaches, the number of sponsors for the event at the Margaritaville Resort Orlando increases.

CHR, now a WorkCare Company, NMS Health, and NoMoreForms are each Silver Level Sponsors of the three-day conference created for healthcare providers, suppliers, and vendors impacted by often cumbersome and costly credentialing processes.

The Symposium will focus on how utilizing the national ANSI standard for healthcare vendor credentialing can:

  • Reduce complexity and increase compliance with the laws, regulations, and standards for all stakeholders
  • Protect data security and privacy for patients, providers, and suppliers
  • Eliminate redundant and duplicative efforts that increase costs

CHR, now a WorkCare Company, says it is eager to learn what progress has been made in the credentialing processes for healthcare industry representatives and where things are headed in the future so it can better serve its clients.

“For many years, and still today, we are working with our clients and their employees to meet a variety of vendor credentialing requirements that are still in much need of being more streamlined and consistent across the healthcare industry.”

CHR, a nationwide examiner network that provides occupational health exams, was a proud participant among a wide variety of healthcare industry stakeholders in successfully establishing consistent credentialing processes for the healthcare industry in the first American National Standards (ANS) for Supplier Credentialing published in 2019.

NMS Health, a national administrator of occupational health screenings and programs for employers, says it supports the ANSI standard because the lack of standardization in credentialing requirements creates obstacles and inefficiencies for those who need to work in medical facilities as well as for the facilities themselves.

“The adoption of the ANSI standard industrywide would drastically cut down on the costs and the amount of time it takes to get critical personnel entry into these facilities…NMS Health services many clients whose employees are required to access medical facilities. It’s our belief that widespread adoption of ANSI standards will be a massive win for the healthcare industry and allow us to better service our clients.”

NoMoreForms, a SaaS-based solution for complex credentialing, screening, and onboarding, echoes the same sentiment about a national standard.

“We see the ANSI standard as the long-term solution that will efficiently meet the safety needs of the vendors and health facilities. With streamlined screening, credentialing, and verification methods like ours, we can lower costs and mitigate risks.”

“We appreciate the incredible support of NMS Health and NoMoreForms in helping to make this year’s C4UHC Symposium a must-attend event for the credentialing community,” said Nancy Pakieser, Executive Director, C4UHC. “With their assistance, our event will help change attitudes about credentialing throughout the medical industry and inspire increased acceptance of the ANSI Standard to help reduce the time and costs associated with current patchwork systems.”

Join us at the C4UHC Symposium at the Margaritaville Resort in Orlando on June 4-7. Healthcare providers, suppliers and vendors impacted by the credentialing process are encouraged to attend this dynamic event designed to change attitudes about supplier credentialing.

For more information about attending this year’s C4UHC Symposium, please visit this link: