Sharon Gleason Jenkins – Introducing Myself and Our New Blog

C4UHC Executive Director Sharon Gleason Jenkins

Hello C4UHC members, friends, partners and interested stakeholders,

We are launching a new blog, which I’ll tell you more about shortly. But first, I thought you might want to know a little about me and why I am excited to lead C4UHC as your new Executive Director.

In my 25 years of nonprofit/association management and executive leadership, I have focused mostly on the healthcare and wellness sectors, which makes this organization a great fit for me. What interests me most about serving C4UHC is how we can help make healthcare processes more efficient and effective for the ultimate achievement of better patient outcomes.

In past roles, I worked with doctors, scientists, and companies to build and grow effective cross-sector alliances, so I will apply this expertise to build collaborations and partnerships that help us advance the acceptance of credentialing standards nationwide. I’m also hoping that my past successes with raising organizational visibility will help us grow C4UHC membership, as well as the organization’s credibility and influence in credentialing and regulatory circles. With your help and involvement, I plan to serve our mission, our members, and our collaborators. I will also be your biggest C4UHC cheerleader, champion, and advocate.

And now, on to the blog.

To begin our online conversation, we are establishing an Executive Director Blog designed to inform, educate, and engage the credentialing community, and to offer the opportunity for feedback and idea-sharing.

I plan to interview interesting people, including our current members, leaders from potential partner organizations, and others with a stake in improving patient care through standardization. There may also be some “tales from the trenches” that will allow us to visit credentialing challenges from a real-world perspective and gauge their impact on patient care.

Our inaugural interview will be a chat with Jane Pleasants, CEO of Strategic Marketplace Initiative, a nonprofit organization working to improve the healthcare supply chain. Jane has some powerful and interesting things to say about her professional experiences and what we can all learn from them to help our own efforts.

This new blog requires some rules of the road that you need to be aware of, and I encourage you to review them. In general, we welcome respectful comments and diverse views, and we encourage your relevant, professional participation. There is great benefit in sharing ideas, solutions, opinions, challenges, and experience when the sharer’s intent is to add value to the discussion.

I’m looking forward to this ongoing and fruitful conversation with you all. If you have thoughts on topics or people to include in this blog, please let me know or include them in the comments. Until next time, please help spread the word about C4UHC and our healthcare credentialing mission whenever appropriate.

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