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C4UHC, Inc.

C4UHC was born from the challenges industry partners were experiencing with the variety and variation in approaches to vendor credentialing in the healthcare environment.  The goal of the organization is to promote a streamlined approach to vendor credentialing to mitigate duplicative processes, meet the needs of both providers and suppliers and protect patient safety & confidentiality.

Why Support ANSI Standards?

C4UHC led the industry effort in establishing the ANSI Standard for healthcare vendor credentialing.  We support the use of the ANSI Standards as a way for suppliers to ensure that their reps are appropriately screened and trained in supporting the delivery of care.  We also support providers in adopting the ANSI Standard to simplify the process, reduce duplication of effort and excessive labor time.

Why Are Attending the Symposium?

What outcome you are most looking forward to?

We are producing the C4UHC Symposium to expand industry knowledge about what the ANSI Standards are and how they support more efficient healthcare delivery.  We will be covering many topics including compliance to the standards, legal & regulatory implications, data and privacy protection, change management and the voices of all the stakeholders.  We look forward to seeing you in June!