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NMS Health

For over 25 years, NMS Health has excelled at overseeing and completing occupational health screenings for employers all over the country. We understand the unique challenges of healthcare screenings. We are experts at insulating our clients from the demanding time and administrative burdens that typically come with managing health screening programs for their candidates and employees.

Why Support ANSI Standards?

The lack of standardization in credentialing requirements creates obstacles and inefficiencies for those who need to work in medical facilities as well as for the facilities themselves. The adoption of the ANSI standard industrywide would drastically cut down on the costs and the amount of time it takes to get critical personnel entry into these facilities. ANSI Standards open the doors for a more streamlined screening process for HCIRs and medical professionals.

NMS Health services many clients whose employees are required to access medical facilities. It’s our belief that widespread adoption of ANSI standards will be a massive win for the healthcare industry and allow us to better service our clients.

Why Are Attending the Symposium?

What outcome you are most looking forward to?

We look forward to meeting and collaborating with other members of C4UHC in person! The symposium provides a tremendous opportunity for our organization to learn more about how we can continue to support the overall mission of C4UHC and ensure that our screening services and offerings are furthering the adoption of the ANSI standard. As a national occupational health screening provider, we are excited to share how our services and platform help simplify credentialing for employers and their employees.