Take Part in the CAPS Research “Metrics of Supply Management” Survey to Access Specific Data to Help Improve Your Own Healthcare Organization

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How effective and efficient is your supply management function? 

Our colleagues at CAPS Research are aiming to improve the intricacies surrounding the supply management function by conducting their annual flagship survey, The Metrics of Supply Management.

This yearly, cross-industry survey produces a wealth of key performance metrics that measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire supply management function, including: 

  • Spend and value metrics
  • Organizational structures and expenses
  • Supply management employees
  • Payment terms and transaction metrics  

Survey participants span across a wide array of industry sectors, including healthcare, represented by myriad hospitals and care facilities, pharmaceutical firms, and medical device companies.

C4UHC would like to share this opportunity because we understand that the standardization of numerous processes in the healthcare industry, such as vendor credentialing, can enhance efficiencies across an entire organization. 

Survey results are only available to those who participate. All company names and individual responses are confidential.

If you have experienced how the power of benchmarks can help drive better performance, or if you just want to know more, we recommend you explore taking this valuable survey. To learn more about CAPS Research, please visit here