The Joint Commission Aims to Improve Patient Care by Eliminating Redundant Quality Standards — Fierce Healthcare

Close-up of a stethoscope on a desk alongside 5 wooden stars, representing excellence in healthcare

To help reduce healthcare centers’ time and effort necessary to comply with quality standards, The Joint Commission is currently reviewing which standards should be “permanently retired” once the COVID-19 public health emergency ends, reports Fierce Healthcare.

“The accreditation organization said its review will look at each above-and-beyond requirement to determine whether it still addresses an important quality and safety issue, if it is redundant and whether the time and resources providers would spend on compliance is in line with the benefit to patients.”

The healthcare news publication adds that The Joint Commission is following the lead of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services which waived certain requirements through the COVID crisis and is now reviewing whether they should return.

The C4UHC supports these reviews, which could decrease administrative barriers to improving care for healthcare patients. Our mission is to enhance overall patient care by advocating for American National Standards (ANSI) for Supplier Credentialing, which will remove complexity and waste for all credentialing stakeholders: providers, suppliers, and vendor credentialing organizations.

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