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COVID Prompts New Standards Around PPE and Wellness Screenings for Medical Supplier Representatives Visiting Healthcare Facilities

COVID-19 impacted every function and protocol of the U.S. medical industry as it struggled in the early days of the pandemic to procure personal protective equipment (PPE) and administer wellness screenings for all visitors. C4UHC and healthcare vendors, providers, regulators, accreditors, trade associations, VCOs, and other stakeholders met to address some of the issues by updating the ANSI/NEMA SC1–American National Standard.


How Can the Healthcare Industry Streamline Vendor Credentialing?

Vendor credentialing requirements at healthcare facilities shouldn’t be so difficult. That’s what Jim Ziegra, HCIR Credentialing Manager at Abiomed, wants healthcare facilities to know about the often cumbersome validation processes that take up valuable time for both hospital staff and medical supplier representatives.


Sharon Gleason – Introducing Myself and Our New Blog

C4UHC's new Blog offers interviews conducted by our Executive Director, Sharon Gleason, with healthcare credentialing community members like Jane Pleasants, CEO of the Strategic Marketplace Initiative, who is featured in her inaugural post.

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